Product Concentrate - Universal cleaner for all surfaces (4 pcs)

Concentrate - Universal cleaner for all surfaces (4 pcs)

4x50 ml concentrate

One capsule of 50 ml = 500 ml of the ready product!

Fragrance: fruit

Description: Effectively removes impurities from water-resistant surfaces: linoleum, polymeric coatings, ceramic tile, laminate, parquet, wood, stainless steel, glass surfaces, textiles, leather. Useful for regular cleaning, suitable for heavily soiled objects.

Method of application: pour 450 ml of warm tap water into the "Interior" bottle. Carefully open the capsule. Pour the content of capsule into the bottle with water. Twist the trigger on the bottle and shake. Apply prepared solution to the surface only through a trigger.

Composition: ≥30% aqua; ≥5% but <15% nonionic surfactants, complexing agents; <5%: organic solvent, fragrance, dye.

Storage conditions: store in a cool, dry place at a temperature from +5°C to +35°C. Avoid direct sunlight. Dispose of the open capsule.

Shelf life of concentrate: 24 months.

Shelf life of ready product: 24 months.
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