DutyBox is a line of highly concentrated cleaning products for your home.

You can find more information about the product line in the section “About product”.

Pour warm water into DutyBox bottle, add the concentrate from the capsule in this bottle. 


Quantity of capsules per bottle is written in the instructions for each product.

We strongly recommend using bottles from the DutyBox line. For simplicity we have signed all bottles according to the names of products.

Our bottles are durable. You do not need to throw it out every time the product ends up, thereby you will help to protect the nature. If you throw the bottle out for any reason, they are made from recyclable plastic.

All products of the line are certified "environmental industrial safety". Ready-to-use products are absolutely safe to use. But when working with concentrates, we strongly recommend using gloves.

You can order DutyBox products on Amazon or from our distributors in your country.

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